Get more 2GB to your Google Drive forever

On Blog of Google Drive, a very happy post appeared on February 9th 2016 show that you can get 02 GB more into your current Google Drive forever just over 3 steps in less than 40 seconds. Let's see how to get it:

"Online safety is super important. And today, on Safer Internet Day, we're hoping you can help us help you make your Google Account even more secure.

Just complete Security Checkup — seriously, we timed it — and once you're done, you'll get a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage. It's our way of saying thanks for looking out for number one (you, that is)."

Ok, let's go, Firstly, access the below link:

If you are loggin by multi accounts, access gmail and see the link in address bar, fill in the same number after /u/ like this for the second account or the account you want to earn extra 02 GB as below formular:

When you access that page, Google will ask you the password for the security access. After that, see the images for illustration as below, tick on the red circle in the images to get it in 3 steps:

"Please feel free to spread the word as well. Your friends will appreciate the reminder — and the extra Drive storage, too. ;-)

Happy Safer Internet Day!

Please note: To receive this offer, you must successfully complete the Security Checkup by 11 February 2016.  This bonus storage offer does not apply to Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education accounts."

Get a USD $300.00 trial credit, free 2 months

Bớt lo âu đi mà vui sống với cơ sở hạ tầng và máy chủ dự phòng của Google với việc dùng thử dịch vụ điện toán đám mây: Xây dựng "phiên bản môi trường tương lai để làm việc" ở cấp độ của Google:

Worry less about infrastructure management and provisioning servers by starting your cloud trial, today: Build What’s Next at the Speed and Scale of Google

Fireside chat with the highest leader of Google in Hanoi, December 2015

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google from August, 2015


+ Join Google from 2004.

+ Managed and leader for the developed of:

* Google Apps such as Google search,  Google Mail, Google Play, Google Adwords, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, ... 

* and Google Cloud such as Google Drive, Google Maps, ....

+ Sundar Pichai has just been approved to be CEO of Google from August, 2015 with aggree of Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

+ CEO of GOOGLE will come to Hanoi to have a fireside chat with developers, entrepreneurs and students.

If you are lucky and really can come there, to listen, to interchange, to find an opportunity for your career, try to take on seat among a limited 300 seats.


+ Date and time: 02h30 Tuesday, 22 December 2015.

+ Location: Toong Coworking Space, 4 floor, Number 8 Trang Thi street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

+ Register to take chance with invitation:

+ No Q/A for the media in this event.

Sundar Pichai's profile on WikiPedia:

If you loose your chance with above event, you can still make a question on FaceBook, Google+ và Twitter with hashtag #AskSundarHanoi and might be responded in the event.

Further details needed contact:

+ Google Developer Group Hanoi.

+ Ms. Ngoc (Cellphone: +84 981 346 587).


Free 01 Terabyte in Google Drive for Local Guide

Recently, on July 07th, 2016, Google has decided to adjust the free storage from 1TB to 100GB for Local Guides who achieving level 4 or above. However, in a note, Google said that if you reach level 4 or higher prior to May 21, you may still be upgraded to 1TB of free storage.

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